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Our Mission

Our mission is to make SMBs to large corporations and public organizations to have the best, relevant, and more intelligent discovery experience that drives relevant results. We do this by giving companies and users the ability to find what they want across their websites, apps, and platforms.

About Lableb Cloud Search

Lableb is a search as service platform that allows websites, mobile applications, and SaaS platforms to increase user engagement by improving the search experience for their users. By focusing on the Arabic language, Lableb search results are fresh, complete, and relevant to your audience and provide clients with popular search features such as autosuggest, filters, synonyms, geospatial search, and recommender systems.

Meet the team behind Lableb

Lableb is a rapidly growing company that provides a search platform to power websites/apps with powerful search. Lableb is headquartered in Abu Dubai, UAE with a team spread across the MENA region. Our team members are highly experienced professionals, who together build the machines that understand the Arabic languages and create online software.

Contact Lableb

If you’re interested in our work or you want to join us, we’d love to hear from you. Visit the career page or contact us at [email protected]